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Google Review 03/19/15

by F&G Corp. on 04/06/15

By K Mains
Google local user

Needed a head unit installed that required custom fabrication, this place did a really good job. Would return again.

Google/Yelp Review 02/11/15

by F&G Corp. on 04/06/15

By Dave Pettigrew
Naperville, IL.

I had a device installed here on my Saturn and was highly impressed with Francisco and his business. He was very professional and polite and was able to fully explain every detail of the installation. Will very likely return here if I have the need for additional services.

Linked in Recommendation on 08-26-14, Freddy was Francisco's client

by F&G Corp. on 09/24/14

By Freddy Ramirez Troya
Manager – Foods Department at Mitsubishi International Corporation

I never knew anyone so meticulous in the car-audio industry until I met Francisco who worked on my first Sound-Car project 18 years ago. He's a truly professional and honest person anyone could trust regardless the size of the project he may be involved.

Google/Yelp Review 6/7/2014

by F&G Corp. on 06/28/14

By Julia A.

Romeoville, IL.

The best.  From start to finish they were professional and courteous and I highly recommend

Google/Yelp Review 2/3/2014

by F&G Corp. on 02/04/14

By Edward McClendon

I was finally able to make it back to see the guys at F&G and I'm glad I did.  A few years ago I got a Myron & Davis DVD and monitor installed in an  Armada and my family has been in love with it every since. At the time I  was considering adding a remote start and alarm, but over the years things  keep coming up which prevented me from moving forward. Each year  though, I would ask the guys what was the latest starter and what the price  would be and each time the guys where extremely patient with me and let  me take my time. Which finally brings me to now. With all of the cold  weather we recently have been having, I had to move forward with getting the remote start and alarm installed. I called the guys from F&G and right away they remembered me (great customer service)!!! I was scheduled for an appointment to get the Clifford 5706x installed. The install actually took all day, but even as the day got later, the guys said they would have my car ready even if they had to staying after closing. Once my car was ready, even though it was late, they showed me all there was to know about my new remote start and alarm and even let me play with it a bit before I left to get comfortable with it. Afterwards, I could tell why it took so long, because of all the thought and care it went into installing the system along with the detail to make sure everything works as expected and to make it as seamless as possible. Now with my remote start and alarm installed, my family has a new toy to play with and much thanks goes to the guys at F&G Audio. I've had my remote start and alarm for about a month now and it has come in handy. I can't thank all of the guys at F&G Audio enough, because now a days to find a great business that is not always about the money is hard. F&G Audio takes care of their customers and as a now repeat customer, I really appreciate it. Thanks again guys and as always, I look forward to doing business with you all again.

Facebook Review 01-23-2014

by F&G Corp. on 02/04/14

By Marshall Stewart

Fracisco is a beast. Great guy, great service.

Yahoo Local Created on 11/10/13

by F&G Corp. on 12/31/13

By Mike

After trying a local Joliet Audio shop i decided i did not want them to work on my truck anymore so after doing some research on local Audio shops i decided to give F&G Audio a try.
I am glad i did! I had a Alpine Amp along with a Kicker Subwoofer and a AudioControl LC7i i needed installed in my 2010 Ford F-150 FX4.
After talking to Francisco and setting up a appointment i dropped off the truck for Francisco to do the install.
Let me tell you Francisco knows his stuff! He flawlessly installed all the components and made sure everything was in working order with no loose ends!
The system sounded better then even i imagined!
He noticed that i was missing a certain cable for my Kicker sub and let me know which one it was so i ordered it and came back to have him complete the install at no charge! 
Francisco is the best in the business and a very honest one at that! The joliet audio place was less then honest and i will never go back t them!
I am going to have my wifes car done here and also bring my truck back to have a remote starter put in!
If you need honest detailed work done to your vehicle do not hesitate to go to F & G Car Audio! they are the best!!!!!

Google Review on 09/04/13

by F&G Corp. on 09/17/13

By Thomas Welsh

I got a remote start in my car 2 and half years ago and it stopped working right. I brought it to them and they fixed it for no charge because I was there customer.

Facebook Review on 05/14/13

by F&G Corp. on 05/20/13

By David Lipien

Fracesco - he knows his trade. He and his team did a great job.

Superpages Review on 02/09/13

by F&G Corp. on 04/24/13

By Ed.

I had a remote starter installed. Fracesco took the time to show me how it works and all the features. I highly recommended F&G for all electronics car ons. Ed 

Google review on 01/10/13

by F&G Corp. on 01/23/13

By Nicholas Riordan,  Quality Excellent,Appeal Excellent,Service Excellent.

Let it be known to all in Fox Valley, that F & G Car Audio Security and Electronics is the place to go! I needed a new radio for my 1999 Chevy S-10, and after looking around I chose this place. Francisco helped me choose the right radio (head unit) for my car, and installed it quickly. The unit fits great and sounds awesome! Francisco was great to work with, and answered all my questions. I really enjoyed my experience with this place, and if I need new sound equipment I know where to go.

Linked in Recommendation on 12/01/12, Sean was Francisco's client

by F&G Corp. on 01/23/13

By Sean Adams, M.D. Anesthesiologist, American Board of Anesthesiology

Francisco is a professional. He is honest, hard-working, and displays outstanding craftsmanship.

Facebook Recommendation on 11/20/12

by F&G Corp. on 11/29/12

By Daniel PenguinMessiah Pannell 

What a great job! Very knowledgable and clean work... 

I just got 4 car speakers and an amp installed in my car, you guys are great! Can't even tell its been modified.... Well other than the extremely loud music :)

Yahoo Local on 09/10/12

by F&G Corp. on 10/22/12

By a Yahoo Local user 

I found these guys via google and the reviews were helpful and they were absolutely correct. I had a 2011 BMW 328i that I had HID lights installed elsewhere and it kept on flickering out. These guys tried their product and it did the same thing. But they were persistent and eventually found the right product and didn t charge me any extra and meanwhile treated me well and even hooked me up with stock bulbs to keep me going until they got the right product. Thank you and I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

Yahoo Local on 07/19/12

by F&G Corp. on 10/22/12

By Bubo

Very satisfied  with this business, they stand behind their work.

Yahoo Local on 07/13/12

by F&G Corp. on 10/22/12

By Colleen

My husband and I have taken all of our vehicles here and we have never seen or gotten better quality anywhere else! I always recommend F & G to all of my friends, co-workers, and family. Francisco from F & G is an honest guy and he is very thorough and all of the work he does is done so with high standards and quality! We had previously learned that the cheapest is not always the best as we had a previous remote starter installed at Best Buy and we now know of the inexperience and lack of knowledge that they must hire. We ended up spending more money in the long run to then have it done the right way. F & G is the only place to go!

Yahoo Local on 02/19/11

by F&G Corp. on 10/22/12

By a Yahoo Local user

This place is great! I'm so happy I found them. I wanted a remote start for my wifes SUV and looked on the web for local installers. I called them up and set up the appointment for a couple of days later. I brought her truck in at lunch time and it was done before I was out of work at 4:30. They were polite, courteous and answered all my questions. The best part was the quote was right on! No 'oh well we had to do this or that so it'll be an extra...'. I'll definitely recommend these guys to all my family and friends.

Facebook Recommendation on 02/09/12

by F&G Corp. on 10/22/12

By Angie Fig 

This is the best place to up top your car audio and electronics for the best quality and service in Chicago, I LOVE my car's remote starter and my car's heated seats, I totally recommend it!!!

Facebook Comment on 12/17/11

by F&G Corp. on 10/22/12

By Martin Gonzalez Vargas

Only the best.

Google, Yelp and Yahoo Local on 10/25/10

by F&G Corp. on 10/22/12

By Edward 

Francisco and Jerry where great. I wanted a Myron & Davis DVD and monitor installed. We had several email communication before had as to exactly how I wanted the equipment installed and what I was looking for even before setting up and appointment. The guys installed the unit perfectly, and on time just as promised. Afterward they showed me how everything worked and answered all of my questions. I was so happy with them we even discussed adding an aftermarket remote start and alarm to my car as well as my wife's car. I would highly recommend them and look forward to doing business with them in the near future.

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